Med-Diş Oral-Dental Health&Implantology Clinics

MED-DİŞ dental clinic with Emre DİKER D.D.S., Ela AKÇA D.D.S. Ph.D., Esin PÜŞMAN D.D.S. Ph.D., Müge AKSU D.D.S. Ph.D., Tolga GENÇ D.D.S. Ph.D., Ali Can ÇALIŞ D.D.S. Ph.D., İdil ARIKER D.D.S., offers a comprehensive treatment in all branches of dentistry with a team work in family dentistry philosophy.

  • Prosthodontic Treatments: Fixed, removable and combined prothesis.
  • Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry: Crowns without metallic structure, composite restorations, tooth whitening procedures and esthetic procedures in gingiva.
  • Restorative Dentistry: Composite, porcelain, inlay and onlay restorations.
  • Endodontic Treatments: Root canal treatments.
  • Periodontology: Treatment of Gum diseases, Gingival surgeries.
  • Oral Surgery: Normal, impacted teeth extractions, periapical surgeries.
  • Ortodontics: Corrections of dental and skelental irregularities in children and adults.
  • Pedodontics: Treatment of children's teeth and Protective treatments.
  • Dental Implant Procedures: Intrabony structures planned for restoration of tooth loos without harming the adjacent teeth with less need of a removable prothesis.
  • Dental Laser: solves hard tissue and soft tissue problems efficiently with less need of anesthesia with increased antimacrobial effect.
  • Digital Dentistry: CAD-CAM 3D printing dental system.