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dental Bleaching

In the recent years, the one of the biggests concerns of people isthe color of their teeth. Researchs shows that 7% of people avoid laughing because they are disturbed by the color of their teeth. 

Tooth whitening is the process of eliminating coloring that occurs in the structure of teeth. Coloring can be due to the natural structure of the teeth as well as the age progression, the consumption of colored foods such as tea and coffee, the effect of some antibiotics or fluorides used in the developmental period, or the color change by losing the vitality of an impacted tooth.

A tooth that has lost its vitality is called a "dental bleaching" procedure by the physician for a few sessions using a special bleaching agent to restore the tooth color.

However, if the teeth have changed color due to live and external factors, it is called "home-bleaching", which is done by the patient at home, provided that it is controlled both clinically and physically.

Today, very successful results are obtained by using tooth whitening agents produced by nano technology which does not damage the teeth, causes no sensitivities and even strengthens the dental tissues.


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