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digital dentistry

Digital dentistry is done with the help of an oral scanner and computer. Nowadays, CAD / CAM systems are used in inlay, onlay, lamina teeth, ceramic coating and bridges, skeletal structures of moving part prosthesis, implant coatings and crowns.

CAD / CAM applications have also brought many advantages. It has shortened the waiting period, which has removed traditional measurement methods. Restorative materials with better properties have been obtained in a shorter time. It has greatly reduced the probability of error. The mouth is scanned within 3-5 minutes and the measurement process is completed in a very short time without using the measuring spoons.

One of the advantages of CAD / CAM systems is that there is no time loss for both patients and physicians since single sean applications can be done. By the scanning, the teeth are obtained and delivered to the patient on the same day after the measurement. In this way, besides taking measures that can lead to various clinical problems, the necessities such as provision of temporary coatings also disappear.


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