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jaw and joint disorders

Jaw joint disorders are bony and soft tissue disorders that connect the lower jaw to the upper jaw. The greatest effect of this situation is to squeeze and / or creak. Tooth gnashing occurs when stress accumulates throughout the day, causing the teeth to move over the other side of the unconscious by climbing out at night. If no precaution is taken, it leads to further deformations that lock up in the jaw joint because it overloads the jaw joint.

The treatment of toothbrushing / gnashing habits is made with specially prepared plaques after determining the degree of the disease. Clinical examinations of the oral and maxillofacial joints are essential for diagnosing the degree of the disease. Special plates are prepared according to the measurements taken from the upper and lower nerves, following evaluations such as the wear ratings of the teeth, the tone of the chewing muscles, the sounds coming from the jaw joint, the measurement of the maximum mouth opening. The duration of the plunge is 3 days.

Regular use of plaque and compliance with physician recommendations are important in joint treatment. The average duration of use of the platter is 3 months. This time may be longer depending on the severity of the disease.

Indication of jaw joint disease; In the morning, there is pain and tiredness in the jokes and in the ear, pain in the joints in chews, sounds coming from the joints, limitation in mouth opening. If one or more of these symptoms are present, detailed information should be obtained by contacting a specialist dentist.


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